Past vs Present

Lets just not forget the past..

Lets be honest to each other..

Those moments are outta hands..

Let the present not slip away..

Lets just endure one another..

And to be with each other..

That time isn’t gonna be back..

Let the present be beautiful..

Let me be not weak..

Let me not fall for the other..

Let me be strong..

And not to repeat the mistake..

You are the pure soul..

I am the evil one..

Lets not just mingle..

Let us be separate..

Let YOU be YOU..

Let ME be ME..

Let not YOU be ME..

And it’s the least we can be..!

Emotions vs Lifeless

I think that all the other non living (not having brain) things are far more better than the living ones. At least their feelings don’t get ruined by other living person. They come into their being, grow, and die. No other emotions or stress they go through.

While going for work, i just got sight of yellow flowers which were moving with the hush of wind. And just then i realized, they are still, they don’t get to move. They don’t feel for anything, unlike humans, who have feelings, and gets to move from one place to another and see the people and share the space with them. At least flowers aren’t aware of two faced people.

Flowers are delicate ones and so are humans, but nobody cares until they go through themselves. We realize the damage when we suffer, when we pass through the tranquility.

You see the honeybee, how does it live. Bee lives on the flower and feed upon it. The flower doesn’t complaint about it. Rather, it gives space for bee to be a part of it’s life. We humans, on the other hand, don’t allow anyone to be a part of us. We want to live on our own, we want to do things on our own, and never to get help or be helpful to anyone. We humans are selfish to see other flourish. We pull one another down, and don’t want to see others to rise. And that’s when we fall to the ground, that’s when we feel hopeless, and downhearted.

Then we want a hand to be extended toward us, then we need a human to console us, to wrap us in their lenient words. But it all happens when the toil is done, when fire gets cold, when there is nothing to be consoled. And then everything vanishes away.

So, Let it be…!!

A moment where life has no point, no direction  and not a single thing to cherish about..

Emptiness is filled all over.. It reaches to heart, mind, body, and to the soul..

Time is relatable, a moment is relatable, but to nowhere..

Babe! You have got so many points to leave.. And I, on the other hand, have got so many reasons to stay..

Time will heal, and changes into a thing where every moment is full of joy, pleasure, and blessings..

I see God in you, in this moment..

And you see devil in this right moment..

Right or wrong!! Who is asking..

Time will tell, and I will win..

I am changed, and I have peace..

Tell me about you, if you have got any!!

Being enough meant nothing, and so enough is everything..

The thought of losing is better than the thought of having..

The charisma of love fades away, right after the moment..

I know, it doesn’t make everything right, neither false was anything..

You remain in special place.. And so deep down, you are nowhere..

Being right was not worth it, and nor it makes me wrong..

You have put everything aside.. And so let it be..

And so, let it be!!


..In the midst of darkness..

The twinkling of stars..

The whirls of wind.. reaching my face,

The cold that I feel makes me warm deep inside..

I feel you in me.. Darling,

I feel your touch with my face..

As if wind is singing..

I am flying..

And my heart just beats harder..

I feel you in me.. darling,

I feel your touch with my face..

As like the trickling of water down my spine,

And then freezes altogether..

You might not remember me..

But, I feel you in me.. Darling

I feel your touch with my face..


Why to always settle for less? Why should I always crave for certain things? Why should I overthink, when things get done so instantly? Why should I always wait for the right time, and be silent? Why should I wait for the abrupt miracle when I can bring the change? Why should I stop loving someone, when the other gets paranoid? Why should I always be the slaughterer’s goat?

Why should I not to start over, when i see things not being on my side? Why should I not get calm to bring out the best that i could?

….And so many WHYs like these float over my head each and every moment whether I am working or not, alone or with crowd, sleeping or awake, talking or just being idle.

Thousands of things, and millions of thoughts that rush around and I am alive, I am able to breath, and still I am unknown to myself!!

Yet I have a firm believe in me, or GOD is there all the time. Either of it, but I get through all of this, I assume, I get into. All of the worst happenings, that I assume, I am falling into. Still I win over that ME, who gets sometimes, ferocious and unhandled by her own brain and nerves.

Still the ME and NOT SO ME goes side by side. They live through one another, breaths in one, grows in one and yet destroys in one body. These WHYs will be there until I perish and go beyond the material world and through to celestial one. And then there will be no WHY, except I with ME.